Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of my Goals in Life

I have a lot of goals in life. One of them is to leave as little of a footprint as possible having a zero waste home and business or at least as close as possible.
At It's The Small Things we work every day to achieve this goal. We use scrap's from other projects for smaller item. For example, our finger puppets, stick puppets, and mini animals are all made with scraps of felt. I have bags and bags of small pieces of cotton fabrics that I plan to put together and make scrap crayon rolls. I think they will be really cute and all of those pieces of fabric can be used for something cute and useful. We are trying everyday to come up with more ways to reduce our waste.
I have just started researching zero waste homes and I saw this and I just love it. I know its very small but I think it will work for me and just think how small my utility bills would be.I can just imagine my green garden outside the windows and all my embroidery machines at the other end of this wonderful little home.
Let me know what you think, could you live in a tiny home?

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